Smile Design

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Life-Changing Smiles

Smile design by Danbury, CT dentist, Dr. Kemi Gerfen is offered with one primary objective in mind—to create Hollywood smiles for everyday people just like you!

We know your smile plays a massive role in how you are portrayed as an individual. More than any other trait, your smile is the first characteristic noticed by others. Tooth chips, cracks, discoloration, or gaps can quickly negate an outgoing, friendly personality. Through our smile design process, you can regain your confidence with the bright, stunning smile you’ve always wanted. Smile design is a life-changing transformation when you put your trust in the hands of Dr. Gerfen.

Achieve Your Perfect Smile

It’s important to Dr. Gerfen and our team that your new smile turns out as you expect it to. During your initial smile design consultation, Dr. Gerfen takes time to listen to your goals and desires, look at any photographs you provide and discuss your treatment options to establish the look you want. Once your desires are thoroughly understood, a “wax up” of your new smile will be created as a preview of what the final product.

Upon approval of your smile design plan, your permanent treatment will begin. Depending on your unique needs, your plan will include a variety of cosmetic treatment options aimed to help you reach your ideal smile. Teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign are all examples of treatments that may be included in your smile design process.

At Soams Dental, we are caring professionals who are just as enthusiastic about our patients’ smile transformations as the patients themselves. Dr. Gerfen finds that offering smile design at our Danbury, CT office is incredibly gratifying on a personal level. She states, “When I finish the case, and they say, ‘Thank you, doctor,’ and I know they truly mean it, it makes me want to cry. It is the most rewarding part of dentistry in terms of patient appreciation.”

Are you ready to begin your life-changing journey to a brand new smile? Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for smile design in Danbury, CT with Dr. Gerfen!

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