Root Canal Therapy

Mature gentleman grinning after receiving painless root canal therapy at Soams Dental Care

Ease Your Fear of Root Canal Therapy at Soams Dental Care

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For years, root canals were considered a painful way to treat an infected or abscessed tooth. In our office, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here at Soams Dental, Dr. Gerfen makes root canals for Danbury & Brookfield, CT patients a breeze!

When germs and decay attack the nerve center of the root, the tooth will need to be cleaned, filled, and capped with a beautiful crown. Doing so will remove the infection from the tooth, and prevent it from returning down the road. In our office, we make the process so easy some patients don’t even know they’ve had a root canal until after the treatment is complete!

What makes a root canal by Dr. Gerfen so effortless is her passion for your comfort. Before treatment begins, she’ll address any concerns you may have as well as discuss options for numbing or sedation. Throughout your procedure, our team caters to you, making you feel as relaxed as possible from beginning to end. High-end dental equipment, such as our Kodak imaging system ensures both added safety and comfort during your treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns about root canal therapy in our Danbury office, our team at Soams Dental is always ready with answers. Contact us today; we’re happy to help!

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