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Restore Your Smile with High-Quality Crowns and Bridges in Danbury, CT

Everyone likes showing off a brilliant smile unless your smile is suffering from decayed, damaged, or missing teeth. Don’t settle for an unsightly smile any longer. We can help! Dr. Gerfen is a family dentist in Danbury, CT, who offers top quality restorations to restore strength, function, and beauty to troubled or missing teeth.

Crowns and bridges in our office are crafted to give you the most natural restoration possible. With the help of a talented lab ceramist, Dr. Gerfen will carefully design your crown using a unique combination of metal and ceramic materials. After carefully evaluating your specific goals and needs, Dr. Gerfen will help you decide which type of crown is best for you.

A bridge is an alternative used for tooth replacement. A bridge involves a custom false tooth (or teeth), permanently placed between two natural teeth, and held in place by porcelain crowns. Bridges restore chewing and speaking function, support surrounding teeth, and enhance the appearance of a smile after tooth loss.

Whether you need a single crown or a complete bridge, know your restoration will be strong, and blend in with your smile; no one will know you’ve had dental work done. For more information about our restorative services, or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Kemi Gerfen, family dentist in Danbury, CT, contact our office today!

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