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When a Tooth Extraction Is Needed – So Is an Expert

There are times when a tooth has sustained damage or decay so extreme that it can’t be restored. Dr. Gerfen aims to develop treatment plans designed to preserve your natural teeth, but in some situations, she may recommend an extraction. However, you’ll be happy to know extractions are a form of Danbury dentistry Dr. Gerfen can perform right in the Soams Dental office.

Tooth extraction may be needed if:

  • A tooth is extensively broken, cracked, or decayed
  • A tooth is no longer a candidate for root canal therapy
  • A tooth is not positioned correctly or is non-functional
  • It’s required to begin or continue orthodontic treatment

If Dr. Gerfen recommends an extraction, be assured there is nothing to worry about. Dr. Gerfen has the training and experience required to complete all extractions in the most comfortable way possible for her patients. If you feel especially fearful or apprehensive about your extraction, we’d love to discuss sedation options with you before your appointment.

Offering in-office extractions brings excellent value to our patients. Not only do most feel more comfortable having their family dentist perform the extraction, but it also saves time and money compared to being referred to a specialist. For more information about extractions or any of our other Danbury dentistry treatments, contact Soams Dental today!


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