Danbury Cosmetic Dentistry Shows 3 Smile Flaws Resolved by Veneers

Danbury Cosmetic Dentistry Shows 3 Smile Flaws Resolved by Veneers

A perfect smile with Danbury cosmetic dentistrySometimes there are issues encountered by smiles that no amount of diligent brushing or flossing can resolve. Dr. Gerfen combines the technology of modern Danbury cosmetic dentistry with her extensive expertise to skillfully, and artistically provide the needed solution for her patient’s smiles. For example, porcelain veneers are a popular choice in transforming grins that suffer from smile-deficiencies including:

1. Spacing/Gap Issues—Spaces and gaps between teeth can negatively affect speech, as well as impede the smile-ability of pearly whites. Veneers are usually placed on the upper middle teeth to cover over the gaps, resulting in evenly spaced teeth that encourage lots of smiling.

2. Premature Aging—Stained, yellowed teeth, along with teeth that are broken, cracked, or worn can make individuals look years older than they really are. Porcelain veneers help turn back the clock, covering over discoloration, and repairing the appearance of damaged teeth. Your smile will be bright and youthful once again.

3. Misaligned/Crooked Smiles—Misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped teeth can take away from the dazzle of a smile. Veneers can resolve the look of oddly shaped teeth, correct minor alignment issues, and rectify old, unsightly dental work. The finished product equates to straight looking teeth and a healthy looking smile.

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