Danbury Dentistry Reveals 4 Ways Tooth Decay Harms Kids

Danbury Dentistry Reveals 4 Ways Tooth Decay Harms Kids

Baby teeth are only temporary, but this doesn’t mean that parents/children should have a lackadaisical attitude towards keeping them healthy. In providing Danbury with superior dentistry for children, Dr. Gerfen works diligently in educating both parents and children alike about the importance of maintaining good oral health at all stages in life. Consider 4 ways that children can be negatively impacted by developing tooth decay and gum disease at a young age:

1. Overall Health—Tooth decay can lead to infections. Loss of sleep, severe pain, irritability, attention deficit, and stunted emotional growth can be some of the results.

2. Premature Loss of Baby Teeth—Missing teeth can hamper a child’s ability to break food down and digest it properly. Early loss of teeth can also lead to shifting of neighboring teeth, negatively impacting the emergence of adult teeth later on down the road.

3. Lifelong Habits—Children raised with minimal value placed on practicing good oral health at a young age are far less likely to improve that attitude once they’ve grown older.

4. Paying the Price—Tooth decay and infection can damage overall physical health. Frequent visits to the dentist and doctor, along with increased sick days experienced by the child can equate to unnecessary additional strains on a parent’s time, energy, and finances.

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