Our FREE Gift to You!

Our FREE Gift to You!

We think our patients are the greatest!

We love seeing your beautiful smiles every day and sharing a laugh while catching up on the latest news. Because we appreciate your continued loyalty to our office and team, we love it when we have the opportunity to reward that loyalty.

We’ve Got What You Need

As partners in your dental health, we want to provide you with important information we know you want and need, and we are constantly thinking of new and creative ways we can supply it. So, we are excited to share a new digital download that provides information we know you will be happy to have – “How Are Dental Implants Placed?”

Dental implants Danbury CT free digital download.



Take the mystery out of dental implants. We thought about what you would like to know and created this digital download with informative step-by-step graphics.



This download is completely FREE, no hidden strings attached! It was designed solely for the benefit of our patients.  You can visit our dental implants page to get your FREE download now. (And you’re welcome!)


Thank you again for being the greatest patients on the planet! See you at your next appointment with our expert in dental implants, Danbury, CT dentist Dr. Gerfen.

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